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Our dietitians help customize super-healthy lunches and dinners from local restaurants to become health-fit and taste-matched for you. And, we deliver them fresh to you.

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How it works

We help you save time and stress on preparing healthy meals so that you can take care of more pressing matters in your life. It all starts with 3 simple steps:
  • Online Questionnaire

    (5-6 minutes)

    We identify your health-fit and taste-matched attributes.

  • Dietitian-approved Meal Plan

    (instantly revealed after step-1)

    You choose your meals from a digital kitchen personalized by our team, led by Mary Savoye, Associate Director at Yale School of Medicine.

  • Delivery of Fresh Meals

    (selection of 200+ meals)

    We deliver customized super-healthy meals from local restaurants.

You can choose any number of meals in a week. There is no obligation.

Snapshot of restaurants

Let’s support our local restaurants.
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Average cost per meal is less than $15

No compulsion in the number of meals you choose for a week.
No mark-ups on the meals.
No subscription.
No service fees.
No tips.

We donate a portion of our profits to promote healthy nutrition in children and senior citizens.

How are we different from others?

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What our clients say about dil figaro

``Receiving lunch from dil figaro has been a bright spot in the utter monotony of this time of many restrictions. In a situation where unhealthy eating could have sky rocketed due to stress and 24/7 proximity to one’s pantry, it maintained health and sanity. Our waistlines are shrinking, we are motivated to exercise and feel the benefits of healthful, flavorful foods that include an element of novelty and fun. On dil figaro days there is no willpower involved. I find that having less food preparation, at least once a day, means fewer opportunities to make wrong choices and further, it inspires healthier choices.``
Katherine S New Canaan, CT
``It is amazing so many people make poor nutritional decisions, including us. We now have our lunch delivered to our home everyday by dil figaro. We were making too many bad food choices for lunch, but No MORE EXCUSES. Food is fresh, clean, organic, varied and delicious. We feel a big difference already. Great idea for the busy Zoomers.``
Greg H New Canaan
``dil figaro delivers scrumptious high quality healthy meals to my family and I every noon since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is really a great solution for these tough times when work from home, schooling from home has all become a new normal. It saves me a lot of time to shop, prepare, and cook food and, more importantly, they have professional dietitians from Yale who work with you on how to eat healthy.
dil figaro is not just another food delivery company. They are more of a healthy life style promoter and educator. We enjoy working with them and are very thankful for all the service they provide.``
Linda X New Canaan
``The session with the dietitian was thorough and efficient; she listened and asked a lot of questions. The Personalized Nutrition Plan was comprehensive but very easy to read and understand. The meals are fantastic! I love the quality and the variety. And it is such a treat to have someone else make the choice for me! I definitely recommend this program.``
Kelly P Stamford
``Fresh and tasty, healthy meals that are convenient. Feels like you are enjoying something not just flavorful because they used a lot of butter or over-salted it or used other unhealthy flavorings. Instead, you can taste that the ingredients are fresh and natural.``
Todd S New Canaan

Common questions

Our goal is to make your pursuit of healthy and delicious food simple for you. Check out some of the most common questions posed to our dietitians.
For more information

How does the process work for me?

We match the answers from your questionnaire to dietitian-approved customized super healthy meals from local restaurants. Our team, under the guidance of dietitians who prepare these meal plans, collaborates with the chefs of top-rated restaurants in your area to have meals prepared that would match your health goals and taste preferences. We also take care of delivering them fresh to you every time.


We shall present you your personalized meal plan on a weekly basis. You will have several options per meal to choose from. You can also provide your own notes to the chefs to further customize the meals.


If you choose to eat one meal a week or five, there is no obligation.

What if I have several medical conditions and dietary restrictions?

Our dietitian panel – led by Associate Director at Yale School of Medicine – labels each and every meal, that we select from top-rated local restaurants,  for suitability based on a number of health goals, medical conditions, and dietary restrictions. That’s how we make these meals health-fit for you!


If you prefer, we can arrange a consultation session with one of our dietitians to further address your nutritional needs.

How does the meal service work?

We typically provide a weekly meal plan on the weekend before the start of that week. The plan shows several meal choices from different restaurants.


By sharing the weekly meal plan 24-48 hours in advance of the start of the week, it allows you enough time to select your meals for the entire week at one time. We then arrange the daily delivery of your selected meal based on your preferred location and time slot.

How do you customize meals to fit my personalized nutrition needs?

First, we develop your personalized nutritional profile based on your questionnaire inputs for health goals, medical conditions, dietary restrictions, and taste preferences. Then, we match your profile with the suitable meals for you as selected by our dietitian panel. This is how we make meals health-fit and taste-matched for you!


You can also provide your notes to the chefs to further customize the meals.


In addition, a critical part of this process is to get periodic feedback from you – you can also provide that at any time you want to – so that we can continue to improve the meals and the service for you.

How do you secure my financial data?

We have partnered with a leading financial payment processing platform named Stripe. Stirpe deals with both Fortune 500 companies and start-ups.  All your financial data is directly inserted in Stripe’s database thereby removing the leakage risk on our side.  You can learn more about stripe on their website:

Let’s not miss out on a truly transformational experience, your own Digital Kitchen!

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