Frequently asked questions

What we do at dil figaro?

We bring medically-tailored, delicious meals and groceries to chronically-ill patients from a variety of health-conscious food companies.


With the guidance of our dietitians, inputs from your questionnaire, and close collaboration with philosophically-aligned food companies we strive to provide health-fit and taste-matched meals and recipe-based groceries to you that serve your health goals, medical conditions, dietary restrictions, and taste preferences.


In other words, we focus on taking care of what you should be eating, ensuring where to source and prepare it from, and then providing the convenience of delivering it to you. It translates into happiness for you in terms of restoring and improving your health and creating time in your life to dedicate to other pressing needs.


We are all about health, convenience, and happiness!

What if I have several medical conditions or dietary restrictions?

Our technology, under the guidance of the dietitian panel, labels each and every meal and recipe to ensure it matches with all of your health goals, medical conditions, and dietary restrictions.


If you prefer, we can arrange a consult session with one of our dietitians to further address your nutritional needs.

If I choose a weekly meal plan, then how many meals do I have to commit for?

We work with several health-conscious food companies who offer their meals and groceries with certain number of minimum items or dollar amount to be bought in order to be cost-efficient for you, like refrigerated meals and meal kits. On the other hand, meals from restaurants don’t have such compulsion.


That said, we highly encourage you to have a consistent level of meals over a longer period of time in order to start realizing the benefits of our service and achieve your health goals.

Can I opt for a consultation session with a dietitian?

Yes, you can always choose to have a direct consultation session with one of the dietitians on our panel. You can schedule that by going to this link.

Is there a subscription?

There is no subscription.

Do you charge a mark-up or premium to the listed prices of the meals?

There are no markups charged by us on any meals and groceries that you buy through us. Everything offered is at the listed price by our affiliates.


We do charge $0.99/meal as our personalization service fees.

How do you pick food companies?

Our team, with the guidance of dietitians, uses strict criteria to work with only a certain kind of philosophically-aligned food companies that offer super-healthy cuisines; are highly rated on independent rating platforms; and have leadership that is willing to work with us to provide medically and health-fit meals and groceries to you. In addition, we focus on creating a cohort of meals and recipes for you that reflects a variety in cuisines based on your taste preferences, and tries to capture a balanced set of meals with optimal portions.

How do you get my feedback to optimize my meals and service?

We send out feedback surveys periodically to you. These surveys are 2-3 minutes long but very critical for us to ensure that we optimize all aspects of your meals including taste matching and delivery experience.


Of course, you are strongly encouraged to reach out to us at any time you are not happy with our program or service. We view these candid and constructive feedbacks as the best opportunity of improvement for us!

How do you secure my financial data?

We have partnered with a leading financial payment processing platform named Stripe. Stripe deals with both Fortune 500 companies and start-ups.  All your financial data is directly inserted in Stripe’s database thereby removing the leakage risk on our side.  You can learn more about stripe on their website:

Do you accept insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid besides self-pay?

Yes. We work with leading health insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid to ensure that if meal coverage is included in your plan, then your expenses related to medically tailored meals are significantly, if not entirely, reduced.


We are happy to talk to your insurance carrier, with your consent, to explore the specifics of your meal benefits coverage.

How do I contact you?

You can go to this link and reach out to us with any kind of questions and feedback regarding our program and your meals.

Do you provide any help with my habits when it comes to nutrition?

Currently, we are focused on providing personalized nutrition with medically-fit meals to you. We also fully recognize the importance of behavior modification in the context of healthcare and will add those tools and capabilities in the coming months to our platform.

Do you provide any help with my fitness?

If you choose to have a session with our dietitian then your personalized nutrition and lifestyle guidelines report will also address your fitness concerns along with other lifestyle factors.


We are currently rolling out our personalized wellness program, df360, in collaboration with certain fitness clubs. Please reach out to us for further information.

Do you offer an incentive for referring a friend?

Yes. We really appreciate sincere word-of-mouth and nothing is more validating for us than your recommendation of us to your friends. We hold your opinion of us, flattering or critical, in high esteem.


Once your friend signs up for the program, we will offer 2 free meals to you as a token of our appreciation. You can claim it by informing us through this link.

Our Covid 19 response

We are committed to the health and safety of our entire community. If you prefer, you can have non-contact deliveries that allow you to specify where your meals should be left, for instance, at your doorstep or in your building’s lobby.

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