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How does the process work for me?

We take a multi-disciplinary, team-based approach to your total wellness goals.


Our first step entails an online questionnaire that you can fill in 5-6 minutes. The purpose of the questionnaire is to help build your health-fit and taste-match profile based on your health goals, medical conditions, and dietary restrictions. This will lead to your instant meal plan, personalized for you by our dietitian panel, led by Mary Savoye, Associate Director at Yale School of Medicine. You choose your meals from this personalized meal plan.


Next step invites you to book your monthly consult session with your dietitian. The session will allow your dietitian to assess your nutritional and lifestyle needs. You will also have an opportunity to book your training sessions with your personal fitness coach from an elite panel. Both your dietitian and fitness coach actively collaborate to develop a set of recommendations and an action plan for your health goals.


Your lunch and dinner service will start from the date of your choice in your questionnaire. These meals will be delivered fresh every weekday from top-rated local restaurants. Our team works closely with these chefs to customize the meals in order to address your nutritional goals.


You can start your training sessions immediately. The program includes twice a week one hour sessions with your personal fitness coach.


Welcome to a sustained lifestyle change!

How does the meal service work?

We provide a weekly meal plan on the weekend before the start of the next week. The plan shows several meal choices from different restaurants. By sharing the weekly meal plan 24-48 hours in advance of the start of the week, it allows you enough time to select your meals for the entire week at one time. We then arrange the daily delivery of your selected meals to your preferred location and in the time slot of your choice.

How many meals do I get on a daily basis?

We will deliver your personalized lunch and dinner on every weekday.

How does the training session work?

You will have an opportunity to train with your personal trainer twice a week. Your fitness coach is an integral part of your team, working to ensure that the training regimen aligns with your nutritional and health goals.

Do I have to take the dietitian consult session or is it optional?

The program includes one dietitian consult per month. While this consult is a key component of the total wellness program, if you have scheduling conflicts, it will not impact your meal planning. Your meal plan is personalized for you by our proprietary technology, developed by our dietitian panel and a team of data scientists.

What’s the frequency of dietitian and personal training sessions?

You can meet your dietitian once a month and you have two training sessions with your personal fitness coach on a weekly basis.

How do you customize meals to fit my personal nutrition needs?

First, we develop your personalized nutritional profile based on your questionnaire inputs for health goals, medical conditions, dietary restrictions, and taste preferences. Then, we match your profile with the suitable meals for you as selected by our dietitian panel. This is how we make meals health-fit and taste-matched for you!


You can also provide your notes to the chefs to further customize the meals. In addition, a critical part of this process is to get periodic feedback from you – you can also provide that at any time you want to – so that we can continue to improve the meals and the service for you.

Does the nutrition and fitness team work together on my wellness plan?

We take a multi-disciplinary, team-based approach to your wellness. Through
the integration of a customized meal plan, dietitian consults, and training with a personal fitness coach, we provide a comprehensive approach to ensuring you
achieve your health goals.

How do you measure success of this program?

Your team will actively collaborate in monitoring your plan, with periodic reviews of progress, in achieving your health goals. We have also put in place a comprehensive review of your plan and it’s efficacy at the end of the 90-day period. It would allow you to assess the merits of your wellness program and an opportunity to explore ways to further improve it with your team. We remain fully committed to your goal of achieving a total wellness-based lifestyle!

What’s the pricing of the program?

The program fee is $2500 per month, including taxes.


This includes:

  • A minimum of 40 meals per month – lunch and dinner – delivered every
  • Monthly dietitian session
  • 2 personal fitness training sessions per week

Can I cancel or change my orders once selected? What’s the cut-off time for that on a give day?

We encourage you to select your meals for the week on the prior weekend. Our
cutoff time is 11am on the day of delivery, if you want to make any changes to
cancel the order for that day.

How do you secure my financial data?

We have partnered with a leading financial payment processing platform named Stripe. Stripe deals with both Fortune 500 companies and start-ups.  All your financial data is directly inserted in Stripe’s database thereby removing the leakage risk on our side.  You can learn more about stripe on their website:

How do I contact you?

You can reach out to us with any kind of questions and feedback regarding your wellness program.


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